TV Spot pt. 2 – Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach: Bondi Beach’s long lost half brother. The small beach is the beach that neighbours the world famous Bondi Beach. With its location and proximity to what is usually the main attraction — Bondi Beach, it’s not a bad alternative for those in the area who want something fresh.



Tamarama Beach


The second day of shooting for our “Discover the Heart of Sydney” advertisement video shoot took us to Tamarama Beach. At first, our film crew (including myself) touched down near the south end of Bondi Beach, thinking that Tamarama was just a quick stroll away. In the end I wouldn’t say it was “quick”, but it certainly was only a stroll away.

What we found, however, in our walk southward from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach was a beautiful scenic path along the waterside cliffs and hills of the Bondi region. The path was alive with joggers and happy locals walking their dogs. Families, young couples and students of all ages smiled and walked around the path gleefully as we headed down to Tamarama Beach. In saying this, getting off at Bondi Beach just to walk to Tamarama itself is worth it, especially during the Sculpture by the Sea festival (more about this in our next post).

When we arrived at the beach itself, we were pleasantly surprised to not only find gorgeous white sand and the refreshing rolls of ocean waves, but the rock formations on the north side of the beach were both visually stunning and fun to climb. Photographers and videographers would have a great time getting shots among the rocky wonders at Tamarama Beach, and as for the beach itself: the waves are strong enough to enjoy, but calm enough to soothe while they splash over your ankles while walking along the waterside.

Remember next time you head to Bondi Beach that that isn’t the only beach in the area. The lesser known (and therefore more quiet) beach of Tamarama is a short scenic walk away, and you might find that you like this small beach much better than the worldwide popular Bondi Beach.




Mt Schoenstatt Shrine – A Peaceful Getaway

Let’s take a detour off the path of our usual posts and focus on an area outside the Sydney Central Business District. Our focus today is in a quiet town in Sydney’s far west, the small town of Mulgoa, a short drive away from Penrith.



Mt Schoenstatt Shrine

230 Fairlight Road, Mulgoa

4773 8338

Mt Schoenstatt Shrine sits amongst a religious centre and monastery, where families and youth groups are welcome to have retreats and to get away from the weekend — not a bad idea to get away from the stress of city life. The chapel itself is built in an old German fashion, mimicking the architectural style and donning itself the Deutsch name of Schoenstatt. Here on the grounds, people of any culture and religion can find peace with the sheer natural vibe and tranquility the area has to offer.

The thing I have to stress most about this location though, is this:



The area is naturally inhabited by kangaroos. Behind the shrine and still within the grounds of the property is a vast plain, that is almost always occupied by the local herd of kangaroos. Visiting this retreat centre is a great way for locals and tourists alike to see kangaroos up close and personal in their natural habitat (and not too far from Sydney to boot!). So while unwinding on retreat and admiring the architecture of the shrines and other structures and statues, feel free to take a tour around the back and take a few snapshots of the local kangaroos.

Furthermore, the short drive from Penrith serves as a scenic route that takes people through the enchanting rural landscape of the Sydney outskirts, perfect for roadtrips!


Mad Pizza – All You Can Eat Authentic Cuisine!

A couple of months ago, I was blessed with the experience of eating at Mad Pizza, a pizza restaurant on Crown St in Surry Hills, very close to the Oxford St main road. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity of the food i was presented with when I arrived. Because I was there for their $25 All You Can Eat Pizza deal!

Mad Pizza

241 Crown St, Surry Hills

9380 7186

The atmosphere of this budding pizzeria was light, and was set up more like a bar and lounge than a typical pizzeria restaurant, which gave the whole place a more relaxing, Friday night feel. Through the hallway, there is a private function room in the back, which houses tables upon tables of people, an easy 40-50 at least. And if you’re part of a large group (as I was), the friendly waiters will be constantly backing in and out of the private back room with more and more house favourite pizzas (many of which had interesting toppings like yoghurt).

The winning factors here though are the quality and value of the pizzas that are served. Besides being able to choose from their vast selection menu, each pizza is very thinly and finely crusted, allowing the full flavour of the toppings to sink in every time. And this means, with such little crust, there’s plenty of room for more to eat! Between pizzas too, they also serve salads, which are a great side to go with the pizzas, and refreshing to have in between.

So remember to hit up this little pizzeria just off Oxford St and dig in because it is well worth your money! (You will definitely eat your money’s worth, and more!)

TV Spot pt.1 – Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar


Here at Discover the Heart of Sydney, it has been our goal to create a successful advertising campaign for tourists and locals alike to share the hidden charms of Sydney city. And one of the most effective ways of conveying the perks of the city to a large-scale audience is through video! And so the quest to create a thirty second video featuring some of these Sydney hotspots began.

Day 1 of shooting brought us to the lovely Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar in Glebe, just on the outskirts of the City Circle, a short walk from the University of Technology, Sydney.


Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar

15 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

9552 4498

Located in Glebe, the cafe and book store is on a quaint street away from the hustle and bustle of the business of George St, but is still close enough to Broadway and Central Station to be accessible after a short, peaceful stroll. Being caught somewhere in the middle between the University of Sydney, and the University of Technology, Sydney, makes this place a perfect hangout and getaway for students to have a bit of rest and relaxation in their lives.




Primarily a book store, Sappho hosts an expansive collection of second hand and new books on display as soon as you walk through the doors, with an even larger collection on the second floor. But that’s not all, Sappho is also a fully functional cafe and wine bar, and I was delighted to find a duo of musicians filling the air with jazzy ambience when our film crew arrived at the place. The outdoor eating area is relaxing and tranquil, with friendly staff ready to hand you cocktails upon order

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Night Noodle Markets – A Taste of all Corners of Sydney



I was fortunate enough to catch the Night Noodle Markets in its final week of activity a couple of days ago. To those unfamiliar, the Night Noodle Markets is an event that occurs annually, and is held as a small festival in Sydney’s Hyde Park. Small tents are set up, and this portioned area of the park adjacent St James Station is lit with coloured lanterns.

Night Noodle Markets 2013

Hyde Park (near St James Station)

Oct 9-12, 14-19, 21-26

The Markets are an ideal way of scouting the different oriental flavours that Sydney has to offer, with stalls set up for popular restaurants such as Ippudo, Mamak and Mizuya. With the range and variety that the stalls have to offer, there’s something there for everyone, including Thai and Vietnamese; different curries, dumplings and even a Rekorderlig cider bar set up to sit back and relax with loved ones.

The charm of the Noodle Markets is definitely within the atmosphere. Having visited on Tuesday, there was a slight drizzle and the tables and chairs were all wet, but this did not stop families, friends and lovers from coming in and trying the different noodles each stall had to offer.

Personally, I tried prawn dumplings and a seafood noodle plate from the Ever Green noodle store.  But the highlight for me was a unique dessert from the Poklol stall – Gay ol’ Time, a crumble-based ice cream dessert coated in Golden Gay Time pieces with a TimTam centre. The Poklol stall itself was a very youthful and light-hearted stall, with fresh recipes and serving styles, and fun names for dishes. “Poklol” in itself seems to be a running joke on the Asian pronunciation of “pork roll”.

The Noodle Markets will run until the end of this week, and I recommend those who haven’t been yet, to go. The festival is an ideal way to taste the flavours of Sydney Asian restaurants all in one location, filled with a fun evening atmosphere and fun for the whole family.